Poetic Feelings

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Thanks to all who read my poetry and submit feedback. It's wonderful to know that fellow poets are so willing to support one another. Many of you have written to ask if the incident written about in the poem, "Dani-Lynn" is true. Unfortunately, it is--Dani-Lynn was my stepdaughter and her tragic loss hurt us terribly.


Expressing myself through poetry helps to ease some of the suffering from many discouraging experiences in my life. It will also continue to be one of the avenues I use to relieve stress throughout the rest of my life. I've written several poems since I joined the Feedback Club but have not submitted them to my site. I didn't feel they were really worth publishing because I had been going through some pretty unsettling times and was just writing down my personal, unhappy feelings about a lot of things. As a matter of fact, I even deleted them from my computer. I wish I had transferred them here because some of the best poetry I read on PoetryPoem.com shows the sheer release that poets find through their writing. It doesn't have to rhyme or mimic other poets' styles, it just expresses emotions, thoughts, ideas, beliefs and whatever is in the poets heart. So I feel that I really learned a valuable lesson--I did myself an injustice by destroying my own poetry. After all, that's what this site is for, writing poetry!