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Pain Is My Enemy Now, For It Has Stopped Me From Doing All I Love, Especially Writing Poetry. I Hope Soon To Be Writing Again.

Welcome To Brian's Pose News!

Most Of My Poems Are Now On Site, and Eagerly Awaiting Reading! Currently There Are 350 Poems Here, and I Will Try My Best To Add A New Poem Whenever Possible, but I Am In A Lot Of Pain Now! So Please Be Patient. Enjoy! Have Fun! God Bless You!

Here Is A Current List Of All The Poems On My Site. It Will Be Updated Every Day As Poems Are Added. Have A Most Beautiful Day Now,and May God Bless You In Every Way Possible!

POEMS LIST - Sorry Not All Titles Are Here.

A Step To Friendship!.
Is There A Whisper To Wind?.
Cutting Like A Knife.
In Autumn's Embracing Arms.
In A Season Filed With Love..
Through A Friend's Affections.
The Brass Years!.
Such Is A Lover Lost!.
When Rainbow's Brighten Our Paths!.
Our Living Spirits!.
Visualizing Dreams!.
Within A Forest's Heart!.
A Temporary Goodbye.
When The Season's Choose!.
Field's Of Calico Dreams!.
Our Forest's Forgotten?.
Precious Silhouettes'.
Misty Evening Mountains!.
Walking The Sandy Road!.
In The Heart Of The Forest!.
An Unruly Child!.
Is There Enchantment?.
The Simplest Get Well!.
Valentine Rose!.
The Friendships We Need!.
Creations Of Loveliness!.
A Valiant Season!.
Only Beauty Can Be True!.
Crystals In The Forests!.
Truthful Easter!.
A Dusting Of Fairy's!.
Fading Away!.
When Springtime Glistens!.
A Destination In Time!.
Your Journey Begins!.
An Issue Of Learning!.
A Great Inquisitiveness!.
Celestial Rays.
A Watered Plain!.
An Echo In Time!.
Spirit's Of The Meadow!.
Horizon's Of Sun-glow!.
Soul Visions!.
Casting Shadow's Of Doubt!.
A Gypsy In The Forest!.
Radiant Blossom's.
A Sun Fallen Moon!.
Tear Filled Night!.
A Mourning Call!.
Through Solar Winds.
In A Tree Where Beauty Grows.
When Springtime Comes!.
Beauty Beyond Sight!.
A Moonlit Beach!.
A Pink Rose For A Blue Monday.
A Red Winged Black Bird..
Looking Through A Child's Eyes!.
Where The Green Fern Grows.
Orchestrated Orchids!.
Winter's Freshening Blend!.
An Aura Of Orange!.
Autumn's Parade!.
Few Flowers Compare To The Beauty Of You!.
Brightness Is Beauty Released!.
The Grandeur Of Our Mountain's.
A Forest Of Crystal.
In Winters Embrace!.
Smiling Lady Bug Luck!.
In Essence, It's Life!.
In Safeties Reign!.
Orchids, Flowers Of Friendship!.
Where Is Their Home?.
Dreams Eventually Do Come True!.
Many A Ripple Upon The Pond!.
Starlight In Our Eyes!.
Deepening Chasms Of The Earth.
In Regal Manor I've Found A Friend!.
An Orchid For My Friend In Tribute To Your Heart!.
The Boldness Of Beauty!.
The Faith Of A Friend!.
A Halloween Night!.
Pretty Little Blue Orchid!.
Delicate Surprise! Butterfly Of The Wood..
Falling Waters!.
Only True Friends!.
A Celebration Of Life!.
Fleeting Thoughts!.
Beautiful Days For Wonderful Friends.
Along The Wooded Path!.
An Umbrella Of Life!.
Finding Beauty.
Behold The Beauty!.
Upon The Mountain Meadows.
A Sunset Palm-Astra.
A Beautiful Winter Wonderland!.
An Angel On Earth!.
Beauty In Seascape Dreams.
The Loving Touch Of A Friend's Heart!.
Fading Memories In The Sunset.
Softness Is A Rose Today.
A Part Of Myself Redeemed!.
Among Longings'!.
The Ultimate Friendship Valentine.
In Different Horizons?.
To Lasting Friendship's We Share!.
From Whence Came The Hills!.
My Beloved Debora.
In Beauties Depths!.
Is There A Place Like This?.
To A New Year's Cheer!.
A Celebration Of A Loving Friend!.
Do We Have Wisdom?.
Down On The Homestead!.
A Poet's Foundation!.
A Simple Orchid For A Beautiful Friend.
A Taste!.
My Dog Tootchie.
Burrrrrrrrrrr Cold!.
A Touch Of Yellow Embraced In Red.
In God's Loving Hands!.
In Pleasanter Times!.
Letting Go!.
Many Gifts, and Presents!.
Must You? Can You? Are You?.
One Step In Nature!.
So Much Beauty In Petals Folded Thus!.
Soul Catchers Of Nature.
Subtle Hints!.
The Forest of Our Dreams!.
The Uniqueness Of A Butterfly.
Twilight, The Ending Of An Age!.
Understanding's Of Love.
Unto A New Life's Celebration.
Wall Writing's In Time!.
When Evening Reigns!.
A Care Givers Dedication!.
Little Lantern's In The Night!.
A Case Of Need.
Tiny Rainbows!.
Why Test Friendships Love?.
What Price Pain?.
When The Sea Runs Cold!.
A Child's Innocence Shattered!.
A Sensitivity!.
Mysterious Mountains!.
An Attitude!.
Petite Fleur!.
Oh My Bleeding Heart!.
Unto Natures Splendor Born!.
Nothing As Simple.
Sleepy Head!.
Fire And Heat!.
Seeking Sane.
If I Could But Change Time.
Within The Soul!.
La Dance.
Pretty Little Millpond!.
What Has Become Of Romance?.
A City In History!.
Oh No! Is It Butter?.
A Daughters Love!.
A Generation's Measure!.
Beloved In Nature!.
A Unique Celebration!.
In Touch, A Mothers' Wish!.
From Within Utter Despair!.
Such Is The The Touch Of An Angel!.
Field's Of Glory!.
Asking Forgiveness Of God!.
Wisdom Beyond Years.
The Ultimate Plan!.
Triple Impact!.
Beloved Pet!.
To Valentine Affections.
Sand Dollar Days.
That First Kiss.
Foregone Illusion!.
Pretty Swans A Dancing!.
Not Everything Is Black Or White.
Political Solution.
Further Site.
To A Winter-land Respite.
How A Squirrel Thinks?.
That Touch Of Class!.
In Veiled Mists.
True Born Pose!.
Can We But Recall?.
Through Elegance Charmed!.
From Within The Peaceful Pond!.
Thine Heart Shall Love!.
In Essence, It's Life!.
Smiling Lady Bug Luck!.
A Friend To Take My Hand!.
A Softness Is A Rose Today.
A Hint Of Blue. A Touch Of Gold!.
A Valiant Season!.
Compassionate Companionship.
Crystals In The Forests!.
Defining Gracefulness!.
Fenced Disaster!.
In A Purpose For Our Lives!.
In Solar Winds.
Knowing Anguish?.
Moody Rouge!.
Prisms Of Nature!.
When Evening's Cry!.
Wisps Of Wind!.
Field's Of Calico Dreams!.
I Cry Fowl!.
To Feel A Living Nature!.
Do We Know Naivety?.
Our Friends Long Lost!.
Thus A Second Beauty!.
An Issue Of Trust!.
A Native Of Nature!.
Awaiting Wish?.
Some Broken Tissue!.
Who's Calling Your Name!.
An Enraged Sadness!.
Just Tossed Away!.
Perfect Matching Pair!.
Roaming Wanderer!.
Forever The Day!.
In Memory Of Patti!.
You Must Go On!.
Dreams Seeking A Catcher!.
People Are Like Butterflies!.
Sea Shore Escape!.
Canyon View!.
A Sisters Hatred!.
The Innocence Of Trust!.
Forests, Now Gone From My View!.
Healing Hands!.
Special Comforts!.
A Fond Remembrance!.
Who Would Be The Caretaker!.
Butterflies Ascending Grace!.
True Devastations!.
Mother's Native Care!.
Oh Would That We Could Fly!.
Do We Ever Learn?.
Just be Your Own Self!.
Seldom Spoken Words!.
As I Lay Dieing!.
Of Animal Kind!.
When Desolation Asks!.
The Shaming Of The Rose!.
Taming The Circle!.
Captive Medicated Body!.
Counting Diamonds!.
To Make Nature A Part Of You!.
Love Through Life!.
More Then You Know!.
Brightness Is The Day!.
Trumpets Of Easter!.
So Says Love!.
An Aquariums Beauty!.
Thereafter Friendships Forming!.
You Demon Cigarettes!.
Taste Of Luck!.
The Caring Tree!.
A Home Place!.
The Frailty Of Love!.
An Empty Sky!.
Where Has Love Gone?.
Who Knows Me Best?.
When Meadows Wasting!.
Welcome Back My True Friend!.
Casa Lasso Sea!.
Storm Warnings!.
When I Lost My Friend!.
What Power There Is In Rain!.
An Earth Day Celebration!.
To Impart!.
A Clashing!.
Such Broken Logic!.
I'll Be There!.
Edge Of Kindness!.
In Essence, A Sunset!.
Albino King!.
How Strong Can You Be?.
Care to Look?.
Overcoming Adversity!.
Wild Geranium!.
Where My Wealth Is!.
Why There Must Be Dark Poetry!.
Flowers For The Heart!.
Daydreams Come!.
Crimson Traces Upon The Wood!.
Beloved Are Mothers Everywhere!.
My Hearts True Home!.
The Peak Of Blossoms!.
Misty Eyed Nature!.
Blue Mountain Extreme!.
Through Minds Eye!.
Friendship Is A Not To Distant Place!.
In Meadows Of The Mountain!.
Bouquet Of A Friend!.
When It Shall End!.
Such Awakenings!.
Revealing True Beauty!.
Alas Spring Has Come!.
Spirit On Wings!.
There Is Always Room For A Friend!.
Your Beauty In Elegant Splendor Reigns!.
Bequeaths The Flowers!.
From The Aid Of Butterflies!.
An Empty Place Upon The Hearth!.
Blending Of Soul Mates!.
Charging The Wind!.
Stand Up For Yourself!.
The Friendship Chronicles!. (A Collection Of Poems)
"(When Friendship Triples)"
"(You Are The Bed Of Flowers)"
"(What Reflection? Mirror!)"
"(Field Of Flowers)"
"(A Flower A Top The World!.)"
"(It's Friends Who Matter That Count!.)"
"(Friendship Is A Not Too Distant Place.)"

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