Tattoos in Mayberry

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Sammy D.
you say what i've been feeling
and you say it magically.
If you have another heartbreak 
left in you., send it to me
Sammy D.
in a smokey dream
Sammy D
I don't mind paying extra 
for special delivery
 first class air mail,
or in my dreams, telepathically.
Give me the nod
and i'll make it the hit
it was meant to be,
like  you wouldn't believe
Sammy D.
You had the pipeline to Anthony Newley.
He wrote great ballads,
just like me. 
With two Anthony's on the front lines.
it's a winning team
Sammy D
You can supervise on the sidelines
or accompany Newley and me
Candy Man, sprinkle on  a little more love 
make  our world taste good again.
for the next crop of sugar'  babies..
I want a song, Sammy D
I need it,even for a fee.
What kind of fool am I
to need.
to connect you to me, I'll pay any price
just ask,, name your fee.
Maybe you haven't heard of me, Sammy D
The song and the words are already complete
Snap your fingers to the beat
 of a new  project
to  take flight ten thousand feet. ...
You hold  onto  the reciepts,, 
While I lay down an old school beat
 in the key of G.
We'll pull it off
a smash number one  hit.
Scorch the earth with our heat
 We'll write one to make the school girls swoon
and their  boyfriends fall out their seats...
i think  you Sammy D, Anthony Newley and me, Buddy B
could be quite the songwritin' team
So, send me your work special delivery
one you have not yet released, 
A  real swan song
Sammy D
one more heart felt elegy .
leave it to me.
I'll polish it up to a spit shine,
glossy sheen......

Buddy Bee Anthony

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Smokey Dream