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When everything you've ever believed in
now looks mismtatched and wrong.
I've been waiting for that missing puzzle piece
for far too long.
I have no other reasonable option
than to be sing a done wrong song.
A song about a two time loser
who one day gets it right
Doctor, your energy pills
to cure my ills
only make my legs weak.
The green ones to help me lose some weight
brother, they just makes me tweak..
Not unlike Hank Williams
who fell out of a Cadillac Coupe Devill.
I always go back to alcohol,
weed heroine, Mescaline and pills.

It's a tragic game.
You think I might've been happy 
with the glory and the fame.
But, fame doesn't  take away the pain.
it just pays the bills.
I just wind up on alcohol,, meth, and a brief cocaine thrill..
and I wind down 
hash ether, Secanol and cold pills
And we all wind up on alcohol , methedrine, speedballs,
and aspirin for 
we sweat and,, swell, and chill..
and you wind up on shrooms cocaine and pills..
Janis Joplin 
she was wild and reckless.
Then, there was Gram Parson's Lord
then there was Jimmy Hendrix.
The story just goes on and on
and I guess, it always will. 
They ended up on alcohol, and pills,
just doesn't wake up
the next day.
Sometimes, it's a heart attack.
Sometimes, they don't say.
They pulled old Hank Williams 
outta a Cadillac Coup De Ville.
He ended up on potions, lotions,,, ether, heroine, and diet pills.
And, we wind up on Alcohol dope, and brief, ecstatic cocaine thrills.
Elvis Pressley 
He came up from Jackson.
With  brand new way of singin' lord
and a brand new way ah dancin'
and even from the waist up
he gave this old world a
rockin' thrill.
He wound up on alcohol and pills. uh huh.
that's right.
and you wind up on alcohol  heroine, coke shrooms, and or diet pills
and they wind up on alcohol and pills..

A collaboration,  magnum opus product
This is how I'd expand it if I was granted with the license to do so.
This is  worthy topic to sing about. I would say it's a judgement call, A personal thing, when you discuss mind altering chemicals, but only with certain enlightened, generally older crowds would I  toss into the stream of musical consciousness here to include drugs such as quaaludes, or psychodelics.
adaptation from 'Alcohol and Pills 
 The One And The Only 
As an Entertainer I  aim to entertain along with sneak up on my audience and  backhand you in the back of your skulls. Sometimes, It's a direct hit,  Sometimes, it's a swing and a miss.. But, reading this, didn't cost you anything, so don't complain too hard....

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when everything you believe in now looks wrong.



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