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When you deserve nothin less than the best.
You call in me
the lights, the action,the talent.
That's when I'll make you a big pot of revelry.
I love you, you love me,
the talent..
Where I'll distract you playfully.
with a poignant,bittersweet memory.

Singing you into my book of song.
I'm older, wiser, fit and strong.
Hello, that's me.
the talent.
I'll do all I can to let go of your back breaking
packets of blues
A respite relief from the silky mosaic of song sung storied bad news.
If you aren't entertained
then, I'm out of a job.
The truth is
I don't have to keep a day job.
Cuz, wherever I go.
those in the know.
know, I'm more than a show,
up in the spotight
 I'm the talent.
I write every day.from my imaginary homeland.
I write poetry. to sing to you and a million other people.
You will scream, growl, and jump half way out of your pants
because I'm in the tradition of Tina T.
I'm an enigma.
My talent's marquee.
I deliver a personal message.
A story you recognize
a story from the wolf pack
you fully understand.
I know how to tell a story
to get  you to listen.
to give your ears a lickin.
to slip you into a gear.
Keepin' you alive and kickin.
It's my life story.
Don't question it
don't even try..
I'm the lights camera and action
i''m your most delicious demise..
Doing whatever it takes
to make your mind and body quiver and shake
with the music.
Come  schmooze with the music
Be breaking news with the music.
Lay it all on you, musically.
The secret recipe
to bake to perfection
 a performer like me.
Your brightest beacon
action you won't disbelieve..
Explain your latest brainchild project
Tell me what else you need
and you pray for at night
Please,, break it to me, phonetically.
spin silky mosaics  
paint over your blues
slay me with a ballad.
and the old soft shoe.
Portland, you've evolved so far,
don't you deserve the best.
you're energetic, ecclectic,, 
you're the crowd to please.
so excuse me if I  must sing to you
Meet your new justice of the peace......
 My talent amuses
Here to light all your fuses...
Passing your tests.
As a  visionary.
When  you're weary of 
waiting for that rare moment
when a true master talent takes over your center, stage
Aren't you tired of second best?
a bright spot to shock and awe
Moving up and out of feet of clay
Make  funky faces with your jaw
Exploding the night
seizing the day.
injecting your  last nerve ending 
with your next favorite song.
I'll keep cutting my teeth
to take my magic to the street
Cuz, that's where you'll find
a journeyman musician's daily grind.
Becoming the very best in talent.
I've got licks pops, and drops, to put chills up and down your spine
At the top of my game.
a cut above the rest.
.I can sing you a dream.
from music of the man to see.
Talent like me.
Before you write me off as crazy
and put me out of my misery
First give me my third strike.
so I may work my wizardry..
Cuz, baby, I'm experienced, .
. A singer, a pirate a lover,a thief
to blow up the scene..
I aim to run off with your heart 
This love song, no longer belongs to me
There's no take backs. So
be careful before biting off more of my
songs than you can chew.
I hope, one day soon
, you'll sing songs to me.
Tell me your truth
revel in your song...
Say it with caressing hands, lips, fingers and tongues, 
say it with sight
say it with movement
Say it in the subtle touches of a dance.
Share your many talents
To write them all down,
would be a Hurculean task...
I have the puzzle pieces
you need to be free
 the missing links you lack.
with stealth, and speed
I will bring it.
special delivery 
turn on the juice 
the lights,
the camera
Make way
for the talent..


Buddy Bee Anthony
@ 9:25  AM  Pacific Standard Time

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The Very Best In Talent



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