Tattoos in Mayberry

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Buddy Bee Anthony

I have developed lyrical and vocal weaponry to awe and delight.
I am not as much an entertainer,
or a specialist, but more of a minister of sound
The stage is my sanctuary. You ought to join my congregation.

I won't regale you with past achievements namedropping bands. I will, however, give you and keep on giving you the good stuff.
I'm not going to sell you on anything. I let my performance do my talking for me.
My work ventures into deep creative waters.
I enjoy what I do and how I impact an audience. Let's make a scene,
and create some history

All you have to do is invite me to share with you my many years of experience
lighting it up. Make it a 'special occasion. You deserve the finest.
at your next celebratory gathering.
Don't you owe yourself and your guests much better than a clown blowing up balloons.