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A Fall Day

God's handiwork can be seen in the nature
I want to stay out more later and later
He created all the animals and the trees
The wind blows in a gentle breeze

Lovely is the walk in nature
I want to stay out later and later
Leaves falling from the trees
Each one is falling free

Red, yellow, and orange all around
The green trees are nowhere to be found
Times are changing with the season
Colder it will be by the time of mid-season

Pumpkins will be picked soon
While some whistle a tune
Nature is going to sleep
Harvests are ready to reap

Birds still chirping away
Bright are the sun's rays
Weather is changing
At times the wind is raging

Cold breezes kiss my skin
My walk home now begins
The night is soon falling
Now, I won't be stalling

I travel home to where it's warm
I hope to make it before the storm
Wind has begun to pick up more
A jacket, that I should have wore

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A Fall Day

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