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1. Hello Summer
2. Seek The Lord
3. There's A Day That Is Coming
4. In The Name of Jesus
5. Let The Light Of Jesus Shine Through You
6. Lord, Lead Me
7. Do Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled
8. Because Jesus Lives
9. Christ Is Our Living Hope
10. Our Redeemer
11. Let God In
12. Fix Your Eyes On God
13. Easter Poem
14. Itís Time To Come Out Of The Darkness
15. It's Time To Return
16. We Are Never Alone
17. Lord, You Are Always There
18. You Are Never Alone
19. God's Mercy
20. Jesus Is Always With Us
21. No One Like Our God
22. Lord Jesus, My Trust Is In You
23. My Saviour
24. Christ, My Living Hope
25. I Am Free In Christ Jesus
26. I Will Never Give Up Hope
27. Your Love Is Perfect
28. Snow Day
29. I Trust In My God
30. Christmas Time
31. Back To The Bible
32. Winter Snow Is On Its Way
33. Staying Home
34. Spread My Wings
35. Frosty Morn
36. Let's Turn Back To God
37. A Field Of Flowers
38. It's Time To Slow Down
39. My Testimony
40. Follow My Dreams
41. Nature Awakes
42. Winter Day
43. New Year
44. Dance All Night
45. I Will Never Give Up
46. A Light Has Come
47. Christmas
48. The Future Is Before Us
49. Grateful
50. I Miss You More Than Youíll Ever Know
51. Getting Ready For Christmas
52. Birth of Jesus
53. Little Cozy Cabin
54. Thank You, Lord Jesus
55. Our Living Hope Has Come
56. Springtime
57. A Hope For Salvation Had Come
58. Lord, You Are My Strength
59. Winter Snow Fall
60. My Christmas Prayer
61. Let The Light Of Christ Shine
62. Winter's Coldness
63. The Seasons
64. Lord Jesus, This Is A Prayer Thatís On My Heart
65. Snowy Winterís Day
66. Lord Jesus, I Am Thankful For:
67. This Is My Prayer Request
68. Lord Jesus, This Is My Prayer
69. A Christmas I Remember
70. Christmas Is:
71. Oh, What A Glorious Sight It Must Have Been
72. Lord Jesus, You Are My Shepherd
73. I Believe
74. Lord God, You Alone Are God; There Is No Other
75. My Foundation
76. Letís Be Thankful
77. Jesus Christ Is Our Peace
78. Children Are Precious
79. I Will Follow You Wherever You Lead
80. Peacefulness
81. I Will Dance, Lord Jesus
82. Itís A Time To Be Thankful
83. Lord Jesus Is Enough
84. Seasons Change
85. My Savior
86. Renewal in Spring
87. A Blistery Cold Winter's Night
88. Christmas Is About Christ Jesus
89. Lord God Is My Everything
90. Night On The Beach
91. Pomeranians
92. A Cold Winter's Day
93. Call Upon His Name
94. Waiting For You
95. Christ Jesus, The Great I AM
96. Jesus Is My Everything
97. Jesus, I Will Follow You
98. Winter's Night In
99. My God Is Faithful
100. Lord Jesus, I Need Your Help
101. Jesus, I Need You
102. Lord Jesus, You Are The Greatest Gift
103. I Praise You, Lord Jesus
104. Jesus Christ Is My Living Faith
105. Lord Jesus Became My Living Hope
106. The End Time
107. God, You Are Always There
108. I will follow Jesus
109. Winter Season
110. I Will Praise & Worship You, Lord Jesus
111. Husband Forgets Birthdays
112. Lord Jesus, Youíre Coming Again
113. Greater Is He Whoís In Me
114. Lord God, You Are Faithful
115. Iíve Been Set Free
116. Nature
117. Lord Jesus, You Are Special To Me
118. Jesus Is Our Living Hope
119. Just Be Yourself
120. My Joy Is Found in You, Christ Jesus
121. Lord Jesus, Every Battle Belongs To You
122. Lord Jesus, You Are Enough For Me
123. Lord Jesus, You are the Lion of Judah
124. Jesus, Our Lord And Savior
125. Lord Jesus, Youíre Always There
126. Harvest Time Is Coming
127. A Summer Dayís Out
128. My Everything
129. Iím Everything You Need
130. Trust In Me
131. God, Youíre My Living Hope
132. Lord Jesus, You are my King
133. In You're Presence, I Am Free
134. Spring Showers
135. Lord Jesus Is My Everything
136. I'm Thankful To My Lord, My God
137. Lord Jesus, You Are My Everything
138. Thank You, Lord Jesus
139. Praise And Worship Jesus Christ
140. Christmas Time
141. I Trust In You Jesus
142. Little Birds
143. Grateful
144. The Sunset
145. An Autumn Day Of Fun
146. A Peaceful Spring Day
147. My Spring Day Out
148. Seek Him While He May Be Found
149. There Is Always Hope
150. God Is Your Healer
151. Winter's Cold Weather
152. Nature
153. Thank You, Lord
154. Winter Season
155. Peaceful Day
156. A Fall Day
157. A Peaceful Night
158. The Big Day For A Bride
159. A Night To Dream
160. Sixth Seal Event (The Original Poem I Wrote)
161. My Saviour
162. My God
163. You Wore Me Down
164. Hello Fall
165. Good Morning, Little Birds
166. A New Day
167. The Lord Is My Help
168. My God
169. I Will Trust My God
170. A Glorious Day Is Coming!!
171. Jesus, My God
172. We'll Meet Again
173. Wake up, Wake Up
174. Perfect Love
175. The Storm Of Life (Version 2)
176. Brokenhearted
177. Lord, I Will Trust In You
178. "I Will Praise You, God"
179. I Will Dance For The Lord, My God
180. God Is My Living Hope
181. You Are Our Everything
182. My God
183. God's Love For Us
184. Good Morning and Good Night Everybody
185. Grateful & Thankful To You, Lord Jesus
186. God's Perfect Love (Version 2)
187. Thank You, God
188. Jesus Paid It All
189. The Works Of Jesus (Original Poem)
190. My Sorrow
191. For Me And You
192. Lord, I Am Thankful To You
193. The Works of Jesus
194. Thank You, Lord
195. I am Yours, Lord
196. I'm A Fool
197. Alone
198. Thanks
199. In The Night
200. Nature
201. Moon
202. America

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