My God is my happiness.
Glory be to Him forever.
Only by the grace of God I exist today
And I take it one day at a time.

I try to reflect on life
From the perspective of God's word
To compare my life and my poetry
With the truth

And yet also
It reflects on my existence
So therefore it's all about striving hard 
From a point of persistence

To make it through each day
Sometimes to me 
All this world has to offer
Is an opportunity

Jesus Christ gives true happiness.
Given an opportunity that I have
Sometimes there is time to have and to pass
Only by God's mercy

Then by a blessing from God creativity comes
And the hope and love for God
Results in words of incouragement
Being myself encouraged 
And therefore words given expressed
In a beautiful verseful way

Only with God
I have everlasting joy,love,hope
As I await that redemption day
When happiness will remain forever
And all sadness will pass away,
Jesus Christ is the Savior of my soul,
He is my Lord and my God forevermore...

Mark V. Markov

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