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Also please leave me some new comments in my guest book.
I love to hear your words of inspiration.
It's been a while since anyone had left me any commentary in the guestbook.
I am alive and well thank you and I do love to hear from anybody out there
Who enjoys reading poetry.
Thank You for your time
Good luck in the New Year 2010
To all those struggling to make it better in life
Like I am always trying to get by.
Only by the grace of God I exist today
And I take it one day at a time.

The God Who Was Never There DVD is A Smear OF Lies

It amazes me that poetrypoem.com
even puts such a contradictory ad on my poetry site.
Anyways as I remember seeing it before it said something about
big time difference between new testament being written.
Which I'm not sure even from what source they got that information.
But even if there was a difference please remember
that back then and even now in some remote places everything
was carried out in oral story telling tradition
they didn't write too much but had it all memorized and spoken
and passed on generation from generation,
yet still i don't even know where these DVD people got the info
on that there was a big time difference between the books of new testament written.
cause that is the only excuse they have
in that whole DVD. the only excuse in those 2 hours of smear of lies
that they show. the only thing that there was a difference between time
the books were written and Christ being alive
yet I don't think that there was any solid solid proof
from where they got those timetables from.
they go from saying that so fast that they don't even emphasize too much on it.
but run with catching other people off guard
when after the interview they say their documentary is against Christianity and not for it.
I actually think they made up the dates just so they can make this smear of lies DVD.
probably made them up to make money from getting reactions of people
responding to them when they say that this DVD documentary
is their evidence against Christianity.
And they say it so seriously it just blows my mind,

see http://orvillejenkins.com/orality/postliterate.html

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