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" How can I tell you?"

Deep within me I know something is wrong,
But my heart says evaluate.
Toxic mind is hideous and unhealthy.
And now its bothering me.

Maybe I'm paranoid,
Or maybe I'm just being me?
Trying to be flawless as I can be,
No room for mistakes.
So people around won't judge me.

It hurts for me to judge you
without trials.
Condemning you without your knowledge.
But what can I do?
I'm petrified to let you know.
Cuz what if I'm mistaken?
Then the judgement will turned around.
Then I'll end up in tears.

But how can I tell you without hurting you
Or how can I tell you without offending you.
Or will I let it slip up?
And just wait if it will happen or not?

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` How can I tell you?`

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