Contemporary poetry by Dan Donlan

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I am a Father of two, Grandfather of five, the oldest Granddaughter, graduated on Dean's list at the University of Washington. Her brother an associates degree at Highline college and works as a chef mornings a junior at Seattle Pacific. As a  Senior in High school chosen for the Science club to represent his school in Science and Mathematics testing at Western Washington College. My son's eldest daughter, third grandchild on the Woodinville Volleyball team that won fourth in state. Most inspirational player at five foot four. , She is now working on a college program for Wazzu in Florida"s Disney World resort. Fouth a  Grandson plays both football and baseball Jr Varsity Champions and weighing scholarships between football and baseball at WSU. Last but not least. The fifth my second grandson  is following in my Granddaughter footstep and she during testing was selected by John Hopkins University to represent her school and state during the summer as a gifted student studying oceanography at Hawaiian Pacific University. He this year in Rhode Island and Science.

To day she is referred to by her peers in volleyball as the Irish setter, team Captain. She is now in her freshman year at Washington State College. The two youngest boys are in training in the Martial Arts. The oldest, fourteen, having already rated as a fourteenth degree black belt. The youngest twelve also a black belt. He recently broke a plywood board to the astonishment of everyone and does military style push ups with ease. Both are active in all sports. Brent plays quarterback and safety. Already committed to WAzzu. Leading rusher, tackler, and now completing passes. Ryan playing hockey.Defensing. team has scored two shutouts in a row. He assisted on the winning goal and has scored a goal. five goals last six games team finished third in state. Least martial arts seem to be a violent sport. Recently it was his day to be student of the week.I overheard two of his classmates saying, "Ryan is the nicest boy in our class." Do I sound proud? This month Brent was honored as student of year candidate. A role model for all the kids. My Son is a senior partner at Lane Powell Attorney's at law. Undergraduate at Washington State University where he is on the board of directors and graduate of Georgetown Law school. Upgrade he had opened his own law firm. Two years he taught law at the University of Washington. Not an easy feat for a Wazzu grad. My daughter lead at Weyerhauser recently switched careers and is working in property management at GVA Kidder Mathews. My Son is married to a Doctor now having her own practice in Kirkland Washington. opened her own practice. Eastside Premier Medicine is now well established. Personal medical service and doing well. I met my wife as students at Central Washington College. My college career ended with a Associates degree at Highline College. We have been married fifty  years, After having many poems published 2001 to present Best poems and poets I decided to write my own poetry book. Today I received the first two copies of "Wombs of the Same Mother." Published by Publish Soon to be found in most major bookstores release date 23 September 2007 Retired three years I decided to pursue my writing by pulling old half finished manuscripts from mothballs. My poetry more emotional that serious. This week submitting first novel to an agent. Wish me luck. oh, my wife retired as Executive Secretary. We plan on retiring for real. My short stories can be found at Fast forward, youngest Grandson State Champion in hockey and went to North Carolina for Nationals followed his sister ant this summer is going to Rhode Island to study whales. Still in Junior college is taking college classes.

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