Feelings once locked away
Come crashing into heart
Tidal waves
Surrenduring to the sorrow
that turns to rage
Eternities trapped in this cage
Rejecting denying traumazing
underlying self hate
Blind to my own creations
Refusing to accept that chaos is self
screaming for help
Seeking acknowledgment just to exist
To admit that its there is to make it bare
becoming aware
And as i slip into self
I watch the walls collapse
memories melt like wax
Long forgotten lives shatter like glass
I am eternal
this to shall pass
In the blink of an eye
Night turns to day
illusions no longer lead the way
Distortions explode
uprooted from the matrix of soul
Clearing from the roots of the cycles that repeat
A glitch in the switch
Rewire the main frame
Remove all guilt fear shame and blame
for it is my true essence that remain