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d. knape, is a member of the Texas Institute of Letters
(all 26 of them) and is a well known and celebrated poet.
Usually people celebrate when he quits reciting.

Described as “one of the more Cantankerous voices in American poetry,” d.knape has been featured on
Good Night America, The Poetry Slab Foundation, and CBS, PBS, and CVS Drug Store.
In addition his poetry has appeared on countless bridges and latrines across Texas.
He is frequently invited to be a keynote speaker at conventions, conferences, executions & funerals. 
More often than not, he works for free as he is really not that popular.
He has won awards, both by bribery.
He also plays the lottery and once won a dollar.

He holds no degrees, but is a liar of the first degree.

He has also been nominated for Worst Poet of The Western Hemisphere Award, and came in 20th for the
Poetry Ink Award given to the most Perspiring Poet in America.

d.knape continues to write poetry despite his audience.  He has never let boos or bricks deter him
from his calling.

He is currently a Writer In Residence, his own!

d.Knape was born in a log cabin in Texas and worked at a Whataburger for 35 years.
He holds a degree from an on-line University somewhere in Nicaragua.

He was born at the turn of the century, the 19th.
He is married and has 14 children, all of whom deny his kinship.

*Reluctantly paid for by d.knape, who disapproves this message.

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