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unlike all these other poets
this site is dedicated to ME
I am the one who worked so hard on these poems
and came up with them in the first place
and so I deserve all the credit
my friends and family had nothing to do with them
other than read and laugh
consequently I dedicate these poems to myself
one of my most favorite people.

 * If you got here by mistake, you can still do a u-turn down at the next light. * Warning, Black site. Top secret area. Be prepared....to laugh. * I am an amateur poet. I used to be a professional, but my license was revoked. *This stuff is pretty primitive. Like rubbing two sticks together. *We accept donations! Cash only! *Do yourself a favor and skip to another site. This one has side effects. *All poems have been pre-heated and are ready to go! *The thing about it is, if I can write 'em, anybody can. *Do you have a story to tell? Pehaps it's best to keep it to yourself. *Take your shoes off and stay awhile. *There is definitely something wrong with this site.....the poet! *Imagine your worse nightmare, now open your eyes...you're here! *Forget about bookmarking this, it's not worth it Spend your time on something worthwhile. * Contributions accepted. Leave credit card number at front desk.   * These will leave you laughing. Don't leave before you do.  This is the end, now go and do something worthwhile.  

You too can be a published author, do what I do, use spray paint.

For my own protection, I am writing from an undisclosed location. 

Flattery is the sincerest form of flattery.

Click here to destroy hard drive.

This poetry has never been featured anywhere, thank God!

~WELCOME TO DREAMLAND~ - Read my Poems to Know me. I am in my poems.  

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