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he wrote only
for himself
afraid that if he showed
his work to others
they would  laugh
so not wanting to be
he followed his own advice
and wrote
and wrote
and wrote
only for himself
it turned out to be true
no one saw
but then again
no one laughed.

 * If you got here by mistake, you can still do a u-turn down at the next light. * Warning, Black site. Top secret area. Be prepared....to laugh. * I am an amateur poet. I used to be a professional, but my license was revoked. *This stuff is pretty primitive. Like rubbing two sticks together. *We accept donations! Cash only! *Do yourself a favor and skip to another site. This one has side effects. *All poems have been pre-heated and are ready to go! *The thing about it is, if I can write 'em, anybody can. *Do you have a story to tell? Pehaps it's best to keep it to yourself. *Take your shoes off and stay awhile. *There is definitely something wrong with this site.....the poet! *Imagine your worse nightmare, now open your eyes...you're here! *Forget about bookmarking this, it's not worth it Spend your time on something worthwhile. * Contributions accepted. Leave credit card number at front desk.   * These will leave you laughing. Don't leave before you do.  This is the end, now go and do something worthwhile.  

You too can be a published author, do what I do, use spray paint.

For my own protection, I am writing from an undisclosed location. 

Flattery is the sincerest form of flattery.

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