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 Tatum Treads The Trail
through the graveyard...

In Recognition Of
Cemetery Day

emeteries are a place
of peace and solitude,
where mourners come to pay respects,
where loners come to brood.

The place where gloomy days
and the bereaved go hand in hand
to visit shrines of friends and kin
on consecrated land.

Some are vaults with family histories
etched upon their stones,
containing the embedded graves
that long inter their bones.

Their epitaphs are tributes
that succeed their final breath,
for which they'll be remembered
in their life, long after death.

Gravesites emanate a peace
that's calming and assuasive,
arisen in an atmosphere
that's silently pervasive.

As a spinning wheel of irony,
we're planted in the womb,
then harvested, live life and die,
then planted in a tomb.

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In Recognition Of Cemetery Day