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Tatum's Torturing Thoughts

Living Out Your Worst Fears

William's cringe-worthy figments...

You mock a pair of seniors
for a just and worthy cause,
and by the way, your fiance’
says they're your future in-laws!

There's a mob scene in the lift,
and it's a nineteenth story car,
and while they're brawling, it's free-falling,
landing fast and hard!


You bought the home you've sought for years,
the one you finally chose.
But you've been hexed, You now live next
to all your dreaded foes!

You're being chased by "a giant beast"
with only a toy gun.
You don't know why, but the more you try,
you cannot seem to run!

you've scaled a mile-high wall, halfway,
to reach a rock plateau,
you lose restraint, and then you faint,
with just one way to go!

You wake up at the altar,
and you're being cruelly vexed.
Your best man laughs, and photographs
you marrying your "ex!"

You hit it rich, you've got your health,
it's time to go and "SPEND".
But who would guess, to "nothingness",
the world comes to... "THE END".


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Living Out Your Worst Fears