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Tatum's True Transparent Trancients

There are mixed reactions with ghostly encounters;

some of intrigue, and others of horror!


How is it when some ghosts appear,
they're joined by sounds and smells?
What mystery makes them manifest
as if by magic spells?

One form preceeds the other
upon rousing someone's fear.
Together, they intensify
before all disappear.

Some smells are thought to be the scent
of perfume or cologne
worn by the person in their life,
for which they were well known.

A common odorous presence
is the smoke from a cigar.
It overwhelms familiar spots,
like bedrooms, inns, and cars.

When sounds are echoed from the time
a person was alive,
what force empowered the spirit world
to cause them to revive ?

Nature's built-in sound recorder
plays back perfect sound.
It allows a look into the past
once active spots are found.

Disembodied energies
are real and without end.
The energies we sense
could be lost loved ones or lost friends!



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