Internal Graffiti

My SECOND book, "Internal Graffiti" is now available here:
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My first book is now available at
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** New interview on the truth behind my first book**

I am still in Toronto currently modeling, acting and of course, writing.
I have completed my second book, entitled "Internal Graffiti" which i will publish in the near future.
Thank you to all who have supported me, and for all of your kind comments on my work.

Nov.8th, 2008:
I am pleased to announce the release of the first issue of the Toronto Quarterly.
Darryl Salech is the man behind it, and he kicks ass:P
I was happy to find out awhile ago that my work will be appearing in the first issue, and just found out today, that i am also on the cover! woo! :):) The photo was taken of me by the amazing Tammy Hanlon :) Please support us local Toronto artists by purchasing your copy here:


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