I Have Just Started My Site.

`HELLO`~'Welcome to my Poetry Site`, I am a `Free/Lance Writer`,
and have not had much experience in compositions of Poetry.
Encouraged by a `dear friend` of mine, I am giving this
new adventure, my very `best shot`,
so I would appreciate any feedback comments on what I am doing wrong
and what I should be doing right, {smile!}
Thank-you in advance for your kindness, and in the very near future,
I shall be adding more info here, as I try to find my spot in Poetry Composition!

My name is `Desert Blue`, which stuck to me
as I was born in the Mojave Desert,
under clear blue skies ,
while my parents were on a `spring retreat`
when the weather was still cool, clear and beautiful!

I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Thanks, Please stamp your `John Hancock`
in either Feedback or Guestbook,
as we say in the Creative Writing World.
and please Have a Great Blessed Day!


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'Please Check Back Often For Changes.

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