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Poetry site Guestbook Scam

I have recently received bogus emails

with files attached that appeared to be

from friends but turned ut to be anything

but. These emails appeared to come from

poets I know and write to via guestbooks

on thoroughly respectable poetry sites.


These emails are centred on coronavirus

issues and appear to be nothing more

than one poet contacting another passing

on information via a file, but that is not

what they are, they are phishing emails

and opening the enclosed file will give the

fraudsters access to your computer, your

details, or even worse.


The way it appears to work is that by

Joining a poetry site scammers ultimately

gain access to the guestbook and thereby

the names and email addresses of

members who then potentially become

targets for fraud.


Please take care, emails that seemingly

come from from someone you know may

not be genuine. Do not click on or open any

file no matter how innocent or tempting it

it may be. Check directly with the friend,

did the email come from their machine?

If not, delete at once. Do not open files.


I didn’t touch the first email I received, I

was suspicious and waited to see what

might happen, and what happened was

that the email came again and again,

clearly not from any friend I know, and

certainly not the poet I was supposed

to believe it was from.


We are in strange times, stay safe, stay

well. Joe


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Poetry site Guestbook Scam