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China needs the world -

The world does not need China

We gave ‘em all our business,

We gave ‘em all our work,

We shut down all our factories,

Got rubbish by return.

B&Q, Made in China,

Currys PC World, Made in China,

Microsoft, Made in China,

Apple, Made in China

Amazon, Made in China,

5G, Made in China ...

Wherever you look Made in China

Grins back at you from a triumphant

Up yours’ label.

It cannot be denied that every

Bit of technology BT and

Vodafone have installed in my

UK home is Made in China.


Out of work, Made in China,

On the dole, Made in China,

Factories closed, Made in China,

Losing hope? Made in China.

Imported junk from China does

Not make a country great, skills

Do that, and so too does the right

To self-determination and pride in

One’s own products, Made at Home

Or at least by someone you trust.

Time to take back what has always

Been ours, technology, Industry,

Innovation and jobs.

Cheap goods are not a good enough

Reason to deprive our people, our

Children and our countries of the

Right to work, invent, create, design,

Manufacture, and profit from our own

Superior skills.

Need a pick me up, tonic, refresher?

Put a hammer through something

Made in China today. It’s a smashing

Feeling - I promise you - you’ll want

More - Much More!

Happy smashing, Joe


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China needs the world - The world does not need China