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1. ‘Twas not the moon
2. My lovely Valentine
3. I'm...
4. Let me be your Valentine
5. Budding love, awkward moments
6. The man from dreams come true
7. Erotic to the core
8. How sweet flesh glows…
9. Gentle persuasion
10. A mother like all other mothers
11. The keys to Heaven’s door
12. To Each their Own (Part 1)
13. In hope of a miracle
14. Over the moon...
15. The man in all your dreams
16. I know how lucky I am that she's mine
17. Miswired and Weird
18. The way a woman moves
19. Kiss the moonlight
20. The tears of the world
21. Catch the wind
22. She took my heart to pieces
23. A better life begins
24. If a tear could tell a story
25. He'll be back for more
26. Trying times
27. The rubble of love
28. All that exists is love
29. Autumn calls
30. The world's goin’ to Hell
31. Can’t hold a candle to you
32. I can Jive, but she can rock & roll... (Lyric)
33. You can park your Buick in my hall (Lyric)
34. The beauty of a woman
35. Not far from a dream to a sigh
36. The high heels in the house next door
37. There was a young woman who lived in a shoe
38. My woman
39. Robin Hood (Lyric)
40. Pray be brave musketeer
41. A girl in a rush
42. Nurse Divine (Lyric)
43. Every woman in the room
44. Not because it’s Hallowe’en
45. Don’t knock where there’s no light
46. It's not a haunted house
47. Poets Beware!
48. Ladies of distinction
49. When love was all
50. Sing the blues
51. 1920s woman
52. The tangled tears of hurt
53. I'm gonna love you like a woman tonight (Lyric)
54. Lean me up against a wall
55. Our hearts combined
56. Pillows of time
57. Hot Totty (Lyric)
58. Dark corners

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