From Lifes Stream

Douglas Pritchard
Hi, this poetry has been written over the course of my lifetime. I like poetry and write it anywhere at anytime. Some of my inspirations come from the street and some come when I daydream and am looking out the window or just letting my mind go to those places where I just wander through my thoughts. I think that poetry can be written anywhere, anytime and in any weather.

Most of my poetry shows my concern for other people. I am a compassionate man and feel that others deserve happiness. Life is too short for sadness. The picture of the woman you see here is a very realistic robot. Please click the links above to view the different sections of this site.

Thank You For Visiting. I am a supporter of St. Francis of Assisi food pantry in Albany, NY. I am also a supporter of Free The Slaves. I do have a poetry CD available for sale here.

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