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This site is dedicated to my family,friends,and anyone that appriciates life's joy..I hope this page make you smile,reminisce and perhaps shed a tears.
Please visit often for changes and updates.And don't forget to book mark this page & please sign in my guest book to let me know that you're here.Thank you for visiting.--Carla(drizzle of thoughts)-

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"Poetry is like a tea...it bring peace,calm,friendship & wisdom to every heart."
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"Human created as the most beautiful creatures on earth..
Possesses heart to let them breath and live..
God added feeling and emotion in it..
To let them know,what really love is.."
~Carla Megy Haze~(drizzleofthoughts verses and phrases-Sept.7,2010)

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"The pure and loving heart is not wise to judge...
However,it is full of compassion...
And always there,to understand.."
~Carla Megy Haze~(drizzleofthoughts verses and phrases-Sept.1,2010)
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"Loneliness is a foe that is so hard to overcome..
But finding a grain of happiness around us,
Is the best way to prevail from it.."
~Carla Megy Haze~(drizzleofthoughts verses and phrases-October 2,2010)
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"The howl of the beast is an echo to the silence..
But the sob and tears are silence to a vanished soul.."
~Carla Megy Haze~(drizzleofthoughts verses and phrases-Oct.2,2010)
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"To trust others is a virtue of every heart..but to protect yourself & dreams; is ingenuity in life."
~Carla Megy Haze~(drizzleofthoughts verses and phrases)
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Mill Creek Anstead WV Hawks Nest

"Failures are part of life...
But success and graces are the breath and soul,
of the diligent heart.."
~Carla Megy Haze(drizzleofthoughts verses and phrases-Sept.1,2010)
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"A friendly and warm heart can be the sweetiest home...
To those souls without shelter.."
~Carla Megy Haze~(drizzleofthoughts verses and phrases-Oct.3,2010)
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" True friends are like stars.they're LIGHT in darkness...COURAGE over weakness...HAPPINESS during sadness...CLARITY in times of confusion...& HOPE inspite of frustrations."
Carla~(drizzle of thoughts verses and phrases Sept.1,2010)
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I am a stranger from far away.

I know nothing about this land.

Please don't treat me as an enemy.

Please don't laugh if i can't utter your language perfectly.

Please don't discriminate me if i have darker skin than yours.

Please respect my religion,because i respect yours.

Please understand that we all have different cultures that must be follow.

And please don't refuse if i ask you to be my friend...

Because my heart mean it so.

Carla^_^Carla 3/24/11
©Carla Megy Haze - drizzle of thoughts
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"The blue skies..steep and high mountains.vast oceans..
sounds of flowing water from rivers and water falls..golden dawn and twilight..
singing birds that wake us up in the morning and like a lullaby in the afternoon
various colors of lovely flowers..
small and big twinkling stars in the skies at night..
fragrance of fresh air that effacing all our exhaustion and loneliness;..
all these are gifts from God that signifies his great love & kindness to all of us."

-Carla-(drizzle of thoughts)
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"When the world says"Give Up!!",Hope whispers"Try one more time"..
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