Welcome to My Poetry Site

Michelle Butler
Thank you for coming to read one or more of my poems.  I welcome and appreciate any and all feedback you may have. Please sign the guestbook with or without comments, so I don't look so pathetic with no visitors!

This site is dedicated to my lost loved ones, to whom I wrote in effort to express my feelings and emotions either in the time leading to their passing, or at the time of loss, which ultimately led me to further pursue poetry.

I hope all readers have a positive experience. Remember poetry is subject to the perception of each individual reader; there is not a right or wrong response. You don't have to like every poem, but if approached with an open mind I think you may find something you can embrace.
Comfort? Commonground? Encouragement? Wisdom? Humor? Irony?
All of the above or maybe none.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Just Kidding  :)

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