Dust and Dreams-A Journey

A poet is born, not made......these are the words that I live by. Words are, to me, the most intense form of expression. The beauty of writing, is that it just is......there is no right or wrong, there is just the art that comes from within.

Hello, my fellow writers!!!! I have been writing but not submitting for awhile now, but have plenty of resources and contests on hand to get moving on!!!

As of July, 2009, I did managed to type off a letter to my very favorite author (other than my beloved Edgar Allan Poe, of course!), Stephen King! I haven't mailed it yet, as I have addressed it to his home address, but will keep you updated on it. I feel like a little pre-teen awaiting word on if my application the Matt Dillon fan club has been accepted yet or not! haha! But I am excited, as I love his work and his novels, and finally have a chance to write to the man himself and let him know that! :) Currently reading "From a Buick 8" by him, and loving it! I was trying to describe the process of creative writing to my husband last night. I told him oftentimes I merely feel like a conduit that is taken over in a sense by some other force. The stories and writing just come, from where, I dont' know, my subconcious mind would be my guess, but I never write anything with an "outline" or list or any such thing. The writing/story itself just sort of takes on a life of its own, I just happen to be the person who takes it all down. At least that's the way it is for me! Always has been. Weird, but cool!! :)

My supernatural short story, "Trucks", was published in the May, 2004 edition of www.writershood.com, in the horror genre. June, 2004 saw the publication of another of my paranormal short stories, "The Apartment." Special thanks to Susan Zoon, Horror Editor.

My poem "Albatross", which appears on this site, has also been published December, 2003, in "First Flights", a virtual chapbook of poetry and essays, on www.thewritegallery.com. I wanted to take a moment to thank its editor, K.L. Storer, for giving me such a great venue to display my writing. And I also wanted to wish him luck as he pursues his lifelong dream of acting.

In September, 2003 I forwarded a copy of "Johnny Smith-A Soldier's Story"(which also appears here) to none other than President Bush in Washington. I am still awaiting a response, although I did receive confirmation that it was received.

I have posted a brand new poem (September, 2003) in memory of a very dear friend of mine, who left this life unexpectedly in April, 2003. It's called "Ode to a Dear Friend." He was a remarkable young man, who was one class away from earning his law degree at Suffolk University, in Boston, MA. He was post-humously awarded the "Student of the Year" award at Suffolk's commencement in May, 2003. There is also a scholarship fund which was established in his memory. We miss you Martin. Rest in peace, "Nicky"....

Exciting news----my poem, "One Week Later-September 18, 2001" has been included in an online anthology, "Not Just-Poems and Essays on 9/11", located at www.thewritegallery.com. Over one year later, may God continue to Bless us all, and provide constant strength and courage to all the victims, their families, and all of our fellow Americans. God Bless America....

Spring 2003 brought about the publication of my poem, "Full Moon", in Parnassus, Northern Essex Community College's literary magazine.

In early December, 2002 "The Sheep Tender" was published at www.thewritegallery.com. Also in December, "Seven Minutes-3:00-3:07 p.m, (a weekday service at Murphy's Home)" was published in my college's literary journal, Parnassus.

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