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1. Touching All Of Mankind
2. People Are Worshiping Idols
3. What Happened To America
4. Fires, Famines, And Wars
5. Devastation All Around Us
6. Give It All To Jesus
7. Jesus Loves Us So Much
8. The End Of The World
9. In A Land, We Are Free
10. A Virtuous Woman
11. We All Have Talents
12. Come To Jesus Like Children
13. My Child, I Never Left You
14. Drawing Others To You, Lord
15. God Speaks To All Of Man
16. Turn Your Gaze Upon Jesus
17. Reach To Me My Child
18. God Is Peace
19. God Cares For Us
20. Trust And Obey
21. God's Love Is Everlasting
22. Give It All To Jesus
23. I Am An overcomer
24. Happy New Year
25. Lean Not On Your Own Understanding
26. Please Forgive Me
27. The Voice Of An Angel
28. I Want My Family Back Together Again
29. We Were So In Love
30. Please Respond Back
31. Fill Me With Your Spirit
32. Be Encouraged By God
33. God's Love Is So Divine
34. A Family I Will Always Love
35. The Waves Splash With Heart
36. What Is A Kangaroo?
37. When I Am Older
38. It Is Simply The Best
39. God Is Our Refuge And Strength
40. Dreams Can Come True
41. God Answer's Prayer
42. God Is With You
43. God Is With You
44. My Friend, My Husband
45. Dear Dad,

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