From England's Green and Pleasant Land


My earlier poems relate to my experience of having had major heart surgery in October 2005.

'The Doctor Said' is about the fact that I had only given up smoking four days before my operation (stupid me!), and I was told by the doctor that I would get a chest infection.

'The Surgeon' is pretty self explanatory, in that I had only met him once, a couple of months before the operation, and yet here he was about to perform major surgery on me!

'Cough Pillow' is about the small, firm pillow made of cloth and paper that was given to me on my first night in the Intensive Care Unit, following surgery, that was supposed to help support my chest when I coughed (very, very painful!)

'Puckered Scar' is about my feelings on the first visit to my General Practitioner a few weeks after surgery, when I was still emotionally as well as physically scarred.

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