I'm going home

There's nothing for me here

To build upon

Partners have moved on

To hone and replenish

What is truly important

Once I strip away the illusions
And left bare
Is what was there
When I first opened my eyes
God and family.

I find no interest in collecting

Obtaining possessions

That inevitably lose emotional value

I'm not motivated to be seen

At the latest party

To participate in debauchery

Such old hat

I just want to further connection

And communion

To feel safe and secure again

Without having to prove to others

What's inside my skin.

A lot of deflecting

Lack of accountability

A debt in error

There's no silver lining in misery

Or a gold watch at surviving the tale

I've succeeded

I've failed

I am human

Not your damn machine

Nor your ticket to a better life

Or the reason for your emotional blight.

Before it's time to say goodnight

I need to put my affairs in order

I'm sorry for letting everyone down

As a new day beckons

Realizing I wasn't following time

On his watch

In his zone

Nor area code

Go home my son.

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