Torn From the Pages of My Heart

What About Love?

What about love...
What about that longing
that stirs your blood into ripples
As if an angel's fingers have just caressed it

What about love...
That tide rushing through your veins
Enclosing you defenseless with surprise
And your body, like jelly, slave to its touch

What about love...
That ignites passion in your eyes
Down to your hands, down to the
Dainty lightness and spring in your steps

What about love...
That colors meaning in your eyes
That gentles your face with a
Secret laughter in your smile
And moves your heart to a song

What about pain...
That steals an ounce of your breath
As if every wisp of labored sigh
Is rolled up with volumes of heart versus mind

What about love...
If you rush for just a taste
What about love?
When it is only a word
Stripped of its illusions and ornaments of
Overly stated heaven and made-up promises

What about love...
If confined only in you
I swear, I'll trade promises of forever
For today

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