Grandeur Of Melancholy

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My name is Philip Daniel Cook I'm 36 years old. I have been writing for many years now. I really started when I was about 21 and have been at it since, I want to get better at this craft. And will keep honing in on making this place darker and brighter at the same time.
I hope to create an oasis, a home away from home. A haven, a little secret clubhouse, a perfect little lily pad for a frog to go to...
and fine some cathartic peace and some gladness in sadness.

Grandeur Of Melancholy is for me, a secret spot where I wish you can read some of my poetry. To escape from the madness, or the concern, or better descern it. Through melancholy, sadness and maybe a bit of something feels missing.
Find yourself from the past, present and future you like yourself to be and not all at the same time. A place for when you feel overwhelmed or wroth with endless ribbons of messages, incoherence and pressures.