Grandeur Of Melancholy

13,930 poems read

Grandeur Of Melancholy is for me, a secret spot where I wish you can read some of my poetry. To escape from the madness, or the phobias, how we get 
to explain what is unexplainable without the conspiracy behind them. Find yourself from the past you like and not the one all out of whack. Something
worked at, toiled. Something like a garden with plants.

My name is Philip Daniel Cook I'm 35 years old. I have been writing for many years now. I really started when I was about 21 and have been at it since, I want to get better at this craft. And will keep honing in on making this place darker and brighter at the same time.

I hope to create an oasis, a home away from home. A haven, a little secret clubhouse, a perfect little lilypad for a frog to go