Etwas Gedanken

Ahoy, Penang!

I had the opportunity of almost four months, to be in Penang
It was somewhat a solo trip; not as a couple or part of a gang
Product design and manufacture were my reasons to be here
But there's much more to Penang that makes it a place to celebrate and cheer
Not deterred by the climate, a bit humid and rather hot
I was determined to experience all of what Penang's got
George Town had conveniently and logically become my home base
From here, I mounted my explorations of this most fascinating place
Rapid Penang busses provided me with a lot of convenient connectivity
Specially on weekends, when I wanted to catch more of the morning activities

If I had to list all that I love about Penang, where would I start?
I guess it would have to be with the well done murals and the street art
I had previously been informed of Penang's diverse flavor
Its inexpensive food and plentiful gastronomic options to savour
I was taken in by the different religions' places of worship galore
The diversity of fresh flower garlands and prayer articles sold by the roadside store
Especially fascinating to me were Chinese clan houses and shrines
With their roof ornamentations and painted guardian doors, so fine
I joyfully lost myself in landmarks such as the Komtar
My senses were pleasantly assaulted at the Chowrasta pasar
Live chicken nervously squawked in each fully packed crate
As they had not much of a choice as they awaited their inevitable fate
Hawkers were stridently negotiating and making brisk sales
Dogs and cats waited underfoot and expectantly swished their tails
I helped myself to some mouth watering Hokkien mee
Thereafter, washed down with a cup of hot lemon tea
On some weekends, Penang Hill and the National Park offered excellent places to hike
Once, I even took the ferry and visited Butterworth on a rental bike
It was after many such days and evenings of the sun going down
That it was time for me to bid adieu to Penang and to George Town.

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Ahoy, Penang!

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