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Name: Melissa/Meloo
City: Stumptown
Country: USA
Homepage: Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

Message: Thank you for your feedback on my poetry. In answer to your question. Ghuey, which means long-toothed lion who guards the holy temple in Tibetan, was our Himalayan/Maine Coon mix cat. We adopted him from the Humane Society in 2005. He died last year from complications of diabetes. Lots of people will say that their pets were does that and influences us to think that of our furry fellow companions...but Ghuey, was and is for us and many who knew him quite the extraordinary cat possessd with innate intelligence, empathy and loving kindness. He was a gentle old soul. Almost Buddha like. He had a lot of zen qualities. He would talk with you when you took him for walks...not on a leash...but he'd walk right beside you and stop and wait for you when he'd get to a busy street...where you'd scoop him up...walk across and then gently set him down. He wasn't afraid of dogs or raccoons...he stood his ground the local Rotweiler named Daisy and once when he was surrounded by three raccoons he didn't flinch or show fear but stood his ground...we helped him out by flinging a few hot dogs in their direction. He survived three major illnesses, being lost for eleven days and losing 1/3 of his body weight (we found him exactly where we'd lost him) and several dental surgeries (9 teeth pulled) He nearly died twice. This is why to us he was Ghuey the Wonder Cat. Not to mention the love licks and the tender head butts , the talking and sleeping by our heads at night. He was my morning companion while I painted. Patient with the twice daily insulin shots and not so patient for his special raw diet food. We loved him like he was our child and because he gave us his love and attention in a way that's rather unusual for a cat. So the poem was my poem of reassurance to him... my last love token to him from us...his last day was so hard...hard beyond being in a hospital room and fighting to do the simplest things. There is a poem about his last day if you chose to read it. We are still going through t

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