Etwas Gedanken


I appreciate the fact that you, the readers, are taking out time to go through my collection and provide your thoughts and kind comments.

In response to feedback for my poem "Child Headed Households", I would like to mention that it is not a personal experience. However, it is based on an article I read in the Asian Geographic magazine covering AIDS related tragedies in Africa. It had quite an impression on me. Similarly, the piece "The Widow of the Chief" is not based on any actual historical event but my interpretation of how a conflict between Native American Indians and European colonialists may have happened and how it might have affected a young couple.

The compositions "Black Dog", "Bar Room Anecdote" and "Black Manor" are based on stories heard from friends and colleagues and I have taken some creative liberty with them. They are not based on factual events.

Discerning readers have corrected spelling mistakes and I am grateful for that.

Always a pleasure to receive your thoughts!

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