Exquisite Expressions by Exrea

Exquisite Expressions by ExRea





The Personal Poems are designated by 'Personal Poem' next to the title of those poems. Poetry to me is a powerful tool to convey thoughts and ideas which may be harder to express in any other form. Please, feel free to critique my work. Permission to be brutaly honest is given freely... I am always looking to improve! ExRea is my pen name, my real name is Connie. Lately, I have been asked about my pen name, ExRea. Rea was my ex's name, so now I am ExRea. The name is pronounced like xray. Another reason I chose it was because I felt I saw through things differently then most. Finally, now that my son is married with kids of his own I really should change the name to GammaRea! All my work here is copyrighted! You must have my permission to copy or use in any way.

This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!! Psalms 118:24

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