On A Glasgow Street

On A Gallowgate Street            Feb 13, 2020

On a Gallowgate street where the timaloys meet
With Celtic jerseys, you could hear the Celtic beat
The Celtic Way was shining with our heroes that walk that way
We love them all. They were with us and that's the only way
We celebrated our culture. Glasgow is green and white
The Green side of Glasgowhave ten in a row insight
The other side of failure good news said they got beat again
I hope this continues again and again. The word is Amen
We sang our songs with our culture together with the Glasgow way
Flashing lights and the Glasgow force arrived with hate to share
Hate on their mind hate in their heart brutality they wanted to share
The told us we have no right to be here, we told them we live here
Go back to your country we don't want you here
Sad comments from our protectors, Human rights denied
My parents came from Ireland, the made the Gallowgate their home
I'm with my culture living in the Gallowgate. I know I'm not alone
Go home to the force look in the mirror to the racist Glasgow police
We are the Gallowgate Irish, we celebrate without the queen
Did you not know our city is Glasgow Celtic green
On a Gallowgate street where timaloys meet
With Celtic jerseys, you could her the Celtic beat

Gerrard McGeachy

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