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Every night 
i feel this strange emotion,
Gliding through my hands to pen's motion.
Don't have anything to say,

Butiwrite as it may.
My hands simply write down words,
As if 
i had been to many worlds.
My mind is blank but eyes are not.
Its as if dreamlands 
i have sought.
Nothing to say but 
i write in vain,
As if the next moment 
i will be in pain.
What a strange emotion,
My pen is still in motion.
Printing her ink on to the paper,
Drawing the words 
i never asked her.
She's confused about what 
i meant,
All that 
i write she consent
But if you know tell me though,
I am writing what 
i saw.

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This site is my dream...andi dream while i write...writing is my passion...and passions become my dreams...fantasy is where i live..and to transcend into that unknown mystical world is what i try..
I never get a leave from my fantasy worldwherei always get dragged in while walking through lonely paths of my mind... With this site..a wish to share my fantasy..
Andherei try with all the words i can to give you a verbal portrait of what i see...I am not sure how much weird my thoughts are ..or that how much justice i show to my fantasies while verbalizing them.. but i hope you enjoy them.. :)

I hope my hands are as powerful enough as my thoughts and emotions good enough to touch yours...

I really need a lot of encouragement and criticisms...Hope you would not forget to leave comments on what you have read and seen in this site...Please remember to leave in my guestbook what you think about my site..Eagerly awaiting your comments... Dedicating this site to everyone who takes a look in and always hoping for the best :) ,

Yours truly,

Please visit often for changes and updates.

Don't forget to bookmark this page and thank you for visiting!

Poet: gayathri


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