Poetry - One Flower Under A L.A. Freeway, Susan Carole

It's free, and always will be.
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1. The Lady Dances (To Mary Ohno, My dear friend and Kabuki performer)
2. Seductive
3. One Flower Under A Los Angeles Freeway
4. In My Wildest Flight
5. Anna Mae Wong (First Asian Actress of the 1920's)
6. Men Have No !!??
7. Japan, World War II, The Sugarcane Fields
8. I Love Rock N'Roll
9. Searching
10. Lana Turner (Late Actress of 1950's)
11. Be Strong
12. Hollywood Boulevard and Wilcox Avenue, Hollywood, California
13. Attack On Bali (Indonesia)
14. Roughing It
15. Oh Asia, Oh You (To My Asian Men!)
16. Can't Do It Anymore
17. Breezy (For Sohel) My First Published Poem 2005
18. Scorpion and Snake
19. Bed Of Moons
20. He Didn't Give A Damn
21. Divorce Decision
22. From Georgia (To Keith)
23. Like Coffee, Like Men
24. Best Friend (To Carol )
25. Ladyluck
26. Easy As Sea Gulls
27. Eyes That Bind
28. Uncage The Kabuki Boy (For "Toshie")
29. Love Guest
30. Mental Hospital
31. Shanghai Daddy
32. Death of My Father, March 2004
33. Back East B- Boys
34. Men Are Like Lollipops
35. Miners,Goners
36. Te Quiero Cali
37. Smooth and South (To Austin)
38. Death of Jimi Hendrix
39. Egyptian Want Of You
40. Forgotten Hollywoodland (To Kenny)
41. The Idiot
42. Hit Me Love
43. She Was A Gemma (Death Of My Spritual Mentor)
44. Bob Dylan
45. Big Red Cargo Boat
46. Sexy Water
47. Mind Envelope
48. Endless Warmth Of You (To Keith)
49. Wanna Be Wake Up
50. Gomez, Snoopy the Cat, and Me ( ELC Courtyard, H'wood 1994)
51. Light At The Abandoned Mental Hospital
52. Patrick Went To Canada
53. This Girlfriend Of Mine (To Lily, My Mama Leo!)
54. Feeling Lonely As
55. HE (To Japanese Kabuki Performer Ichikawa Ebizo, ("Toshie")
56. Talented Men
57. Target Earth
58. Uncage The Kabuki Boy
59. Asian Men
60. Conversation With An Earthquake
61. Help!
62. For My Love Of A Kabuki Dancer ("Toshie")
63. Because He Was Famous
64. Men Have No??????
65. Writer's Mind
66. Into The Only
67. Bob Dylan
68. Gloria Swanson (Late movie screen star of 30's & 40's)
69. Hollywood Christmas Lane Parade
70. Little Scraps (911 Twin Towers)
71. Tiny Desert Blossom The Meerkat
72. Actor Johnny Depp
73. To Save Thailand
74. He Was Married (Or, Summer in Los Angeles)
75. I Would Rather Blame The Devil
76. So I Loved A Japanese/Or,Little Tokyo, Los Angeles
77. Her Mirror Back
78. An Old Komodo
79. Native American Love, Mission Street, Downtown Los Angeles
80. I Will Bite Your Bullet
81. Ming-A-Ling(Chinese chef, Ming Tsai on PBS TV)
82. Extinction
83. MiG Alley (To Air Force Pilots, Korean War, 1950)
84. Be Sure To Scan This Long List Up & Down:
85. A Day In The Midwest Summer Fair
86. He's Resurfacing Like An Alligator
87. Hollywood Boulevard & Wilcox Avenue, Hollywood, California
88. Can't Look Back
89. Night Train To Paolo (Notte Treno Verso Paolo)
90. Tell Me A Fairy Tale
91. I Could Be Your Yoko Ono
92. Kabuki Boy (To Toshie, Ichikawa Ebizo, XI)
93. Kabuki Astral Travel (To Ichikawa Ebizo, XI)
94. Nicole's Flute
95. Old Fashioned
96. Starbuck's Afternoon, Hollywood, California
97. Connected
98. Less Is More
99. Mr. Sparky Harlequin
100. To The Late Actress Betty Davis
101. Men Are Like Matchsticks
102. Liquor And Velvet
103. Kanye, You Have Me !! (For Kanye West)
104. The Love of Katsuhiro & Shino (From Kurosawa's 1954 film"Seven Samurai ")
105. Mi Amor's Birthday
106. Leaving Buddha (For Dr. "Art",master acupuncturist)
107. Gettin' Married In Hawaii
108. Good Girl Againest Deer Hunting
109. Lady Los Angeles
110. Re-birth
111. Death Of By My Side
112. Last Meals
113. Remembering The Late Ruan Ling Yu (Famous Chinese Silent Screen Actress)
114. Upright In Dream
115. Midwest, Or Hollywood Girl?
116. His Love Is Like
117. Get Down And Dirty
118. Dancin' With Demons (To Paolo, My Kindred Spirit)
119. Let Your Past Go In Texas
120. Life On The Edge (Edgemont Street, Hollywood, California)
121. Invisible Love
122. Hollywood For Real
123. East Los Angeles
124. San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, California
125. Little Girl
126. Full Moon Wish To Mi Amor Winter 2010
127. Full Moon Wish To Mi Amor July 2010
128. Cameo Rose
129. Mi Amor's Full Moon August Birthday 2010
130. Walk On The Wind Of My Breath ( To Japanese Kabuki Master, Ebizo XI
131. Love Poem For December 8th (Day I Met Mi Amor)
132. Obnoxious Holidays
133. Loving The Japanese
134. Small Perspectives (To Mi Amor)
135. I Got .........Bette Davis Eyes
136. Pierced
137. End Of The Yoke
138. Maya (For The Late Maya Angelou)
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