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Name: Melissa A. Howells
Homepage: melissaahowells/Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

Message: The poem you reviewed is not about what you think its about. Like a small dog lured in with the promise of meat....its about being set up with the expectation of getting help and someone actually caring about you and your welfare. The reference is, of course, one of the cruelest of the they lure small dogs off the street with the promise of meat...when they are going to instead use them literally as bait.... I am literally talking about HOW I feel...that I am that small dog lured in with the promise of this case...the chance to walk again with a leg and body that isn't broken from a mistake that a doctor made when I was hospitalized. I wasn't told the entire negative possible effects of the outcome of a treatment for an infection in my leg....this medication...literally is banned in Europe and is given to people ONLY AS A LAST RESORT...and when its administered...the Doctore is legally required to tell the patient and get informed written consent that they understand all possible negative consequences of taking this horrible durg....CIPROFLOXIN... they call it getting floxed. My life was and is irrevocably changed, Geisha, over night. I would have rather lost my leg than the current circumstances I currently daily deal with. Hence, like a small dog lured in with the promise of meat. This is a very personal poem and a huge swipe at all medical people who don't care about the consequences of the actions to their patients. its a very cautionary poem. and readily could apply to all kinds of situations going on in modern society...the promise of meat means...a false promise, deliberately false.

Date Received: 2022-11-27 22:08:43