A Synthetic Soul


::WeLcoME TO mY tWiStEd siTe:: :::m/(-_-)m/:::
fEeL FrEe TO SPilL bRIefly filled LAMeNtaTIOns anD BrUiSe ladeN StATeMeNtS BLeEdING ANd BASeLEsS FLeEtinG BEtRayED sUGgeSTiVe COnSEqUEntiAl ComMEntS or geLiD fEEdBaCK PeRtaInINg TO THe wORKes FoUNd HERein. .

cLick oN "Poetry" BeLoW TO dIsCOvEr a DifFeREnt ViEW
of ThE PrECiOuS DArKneSS HiddEN beaUtifuLly wiThin thE LIght.

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