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I am happy you found me,
Thank you for taking interest!
For whatever reason you happened
upon me and my writings, I hope
something here will have touched you-

I am a passionate author

I write in the moment,
with that said:
All things in life
can lead me to write,
such as love and rage.

I am a sensitive shy person
that has loved and will again
one day? If the stars
direct it ***** lol

For those asking of my past 3
books they have and are being
removed from all shelves/stock!
I am no longer pushing
junk books that should of
never been published-

I do however have 4 manuscripts
resting in my vault! Grin :)
One day soon I promise~

For those who have inquired of my
past donation button, I have decided
to bring it back. Those whom gave/give their
appreciation, know that I am most
grateful for your gift~
I hope... My words will have moved you...
My gratitude's,