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Greetings! NOTE:I also post my work on: My Deviant Art Page I was also going to delete 'Goddess Speaks',but I think I'll keep it for the time being.:) If I decide to delete it,I'll let you know. My deviant art page also includes photography{mine,my Husband's,etc..},photo manips,etc..

Welcome to 'Goddess Speaks' Poetry. I also have a site that is based on my spiritual path and it also has a poetry page if you're interested. I accept submissions as well so feel free to visit my site and submit some of your works for review! My poetry is Pagan,Goddess based,dark,romantic,witchcraft/wicca based,etc... Please check out my other site by clicking the following link:
Witches Realm~Embrace the Goddess Within~. Enjoy & Goddess Bless!

Please also visit~Jim Morrison on the official 'Doors' website~

He has truly inspired me and words cannot say how much I love his poetry,voice and music. Please visit his page to read his awesome poetry,read his bio,see beautiful,touching pics and more! May happiness follow him wherever he goes. Rock on!

Click on "Poetry" to your left to read my poems.(last updated 07-01-06)

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