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Name: Hue Art
Country: Trinidad & Tobago West Indies
Homepage: hueart

Message: Dear Brian, Good morning. No, that is not me playing the flute in the song (smile). However, I do play the flute; I'm a musician. My pet instrument is the piano and then the violin. I play purcussions too; like the timbales. The timbales is a Latin pair of drums with an extension in the middle of both drums, for a cowbell or tok tok. My forte in music though is really my hearing. Although in one ear I am 75 percent deaf, I can play any song I hear on several different instruments and I can write the music manuscript for it and transpose it as well. How do you like your chicken and/or turkey? Curried, stewed, barbeque, grill....ha, ha, I'm a vegetarian or rather, a seafood vegetarian. I eat anything from the sea; anything from a whale go back to a sea urchine or octopus. Thank you Brian for visiting my site and enjoying the time you spent there. You made me smile with your note. I wish you a grand week ahead. Hue Art

Date Received: 2014-08-18 07:20:01

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