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1. a mighty win
2. conquering the mind,body,and soul
3. Iím a lover,not a fighter
4. race against time
5. lucifer becomes god
6. a crime shame
7. what you fear is fear itself
8. the rich of greatness
9. the lens of the universe
10. america is a beautiful speech
11. minus the soul,plus the body
12. a old tale
13. a founding grace
14. knowledge is a impact power
15. a playerís skill set
16. a claim of a universe
17. a tiger vengeance
18. check yourself
19. talk is cheap
20. a dust of pane,a dust of mass
21. speed is a jetted speed
22. man vs machine
23. showman is marksmanship
24. human state
25. a lionís eye of the tiger
26. the u.s. government pays its do
27. a gem unlock a ruby
28. the power of authority

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