Hello, welcome to my poetry site. I am Gregory Upshaw, also known as gshaw57. I attend Evergreen State College in Washington State where I am working on my BA degree. My emphasis of study is Political Science and Cultural Studies. My minor concentration is embedded in the fine arts; I know, you already presumed that, right. Well, I became a apprentice of writing poetry at an early age, when I came upon writers such a Harriet Beecher Stowe, John Dunne, Langston Hughes, Mia Angelou and the influences of my parents. My mother was a big presence in my life before she passed away at the age 35. I kind lost my way after her passing, but manage to graduate High School under the watchful eye of my dad. Then I went on to married and raise 3 daughters. However, my sudden return to writing came about while attending The Evergreen State College. Now, I am starting to fall back into the 'art of expression' through poetry and mini-stories (mini-novels). So, welcome to my poetry site and hope you enjoy the essence of the my work. By all means please leave comments and critique's, well maybe not the critique,(kidding)critique's are always welcome. So come on in and stay awhile.

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