Metaphorical Poetry

Hello and welcome to my poetry. I am just a misterious soul observing the world, living in a lovely environment loved by many quite content with my life. I started this journey from my mind as a way for me to release thoughts from my head.I am a soul who loves poetry, prose, rock, dance, punjabi Bhangra and punk music. I write whatever comes to my head as poetry, stories, screenplays, Novels, and songs in diffrent languages.Yes!! I am a writer of multiple Indian languages--Hindi, Punjabi and urdu. Now I am writing English poetry also. I have been published in many ways.
I started to write my poetry in English to express my thoughts to know the world my views in their language which is common. My write helps me to let out all hidden emotions and it just lets me tell the world about what is happening to me and around my life at the moment. I always write in general which tells about the natural lives of people around me. Through my writes, I tried my best to present the things carefully and Graphically as the reader can understand well. Sometimes I could express the emotions felt by others so well that I would often get comments of sympathy towards my plight in life. I assure my readers that I am totally happy in my life--but I like these tastes of my poetry which sometimes becomes very sad and painful. yes ,my poetry sometimes becomes too much painful to bear.
Every poem on here is dedicated to ,people in my life. When I write poetry, I feel myself to be the character of the poem so I have shed many tears with my writings, I have lived with poetry. I have laughed with each of you, who have read my work. I have cried with each of you who had to walk away because sometimes it is very hard to understand my metaphoric poetry. Thanks for trying my poetry.
My poems are dedicated to my wife, children and a special person for whom I have a great respect and I want that person to be nameless, but not thoughtless.
if you are hurt by any of my poetry or its line or my work, Please get help and Email me on if you need be. I will help you to figure it out.
Please give me feedback through the link below in each page of poetry and you are also requested to sign my guest book as I would love to know who comes to my site. I hope my metaphoric poetry makes you feel and think.


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