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I have been gone from these pages for some time. I needed time to deal with the exciting and the mundane.

This is an update...the mundane has led to the 'exciting'. Life is so good again and it goes to show how
fortune turns when you reject the negative people from your life. Thankfully, I have now moved home and
as I write this I'm looking out to my garden and the myraid of beautiful summer flowers now in
glorious bloom.... I have never know such contentment. Now, I am home...

I can't promise the usual daily profusion of prose, for there is life outside the confines
of a keyboard; real, genuine people I want to be with, places I want to see...
My good friends on here know what I'm saying ... (smiles) Thank you for being there for me.
I was also reminded today of how special some of my friends are, those who make you want to
carry on when the odds are stacked against you.
I was sent the brand new CD from the unique Raymond Froggatt and I have been happily listening
to it all day long... I love it! More details of that CD on my 'News Page'.

Life comes good.... and that is the truth of it!



Special thanks to Dean for his amazing digital artwork on the Healing Hands images. They're brilliant, makes me smile!
Go visit his site here ... http://www.poetrypoem.com/poet3238


a collaborative work between Ed Walker and I, a tribute to this great lady of the sea

~ her life, in music and in rhyme ~

These past few weeks have been enjoyably chaotic! I've been working closely with local musician, composer and performer, Ed Walker, on a project that's become very close to our hearts.
To read the Story of Captain Betsy Miller, please visit our My Space site at:


Also please check out the new Official Betsy Miller Website at:


Special thanks to my good friend "Guitar" for permission to display this.
Guitar, your words are beautiful, from the soul, absolutely ... Linda.


the guitar and I
have always been
as one together, so it seems

a life-long love
there's been no other
that could ever break my heart

a song to wake
a song to sleep
its harmony soothes my soul

six silver strings
sing out so sweet
a symphony, encased in she

a work of art
a sight of beauty
a tone that rings most truly

a golden hue
reflecting light
resonates, my hearts delight

cedar sweet
and rosewood deep
romantic spanish cypress weeps.

©Guitar 2008. All rights reserved.

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Music Inspired by the Isle of Arran, a beautiful, mystical island in the Firth of Clyde, just off the coast of Ayrshire, Scotland.

This is a new CD featuring twelve original guitar instrumental pieces written, arranged, produced and performed by Ed Walker, and he has very kindly given me permission to use them to accompany some of my poems with a Scottish feel to them.

Thanks Ed, I've been playing this at work for the last two days … and it's been stopping people in their tracks! It really is a beautiful collection and I'm proud to own it.

Please visit Ed at http://www.myspace.com/arranian


I'd also like to thank Sandy for beautiful poetry that inspires! Visit her site here,


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We All Hold Onto … A Wish And A Dream

~ Raymond Froggatt ~

Now Playing ….

"Those Were My Days" From the brand new album "AMERICA"
~~~ written and performed by RAYMOND FROGGATT ~~~

Details from ….




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A poet writes of love and pain,
Of life, and tears of longing,
The words are crafted on a page,
Late of night, or early morning,
A poet; sometimes writes in truth,
Sometimes, in fantasy,
And what you read is what you get,
A little bit of me,
You may well read between the lines,
And somehow, misconstrue,
So, if I say that I'm in love,
It may not be with you.

~ linda harnett ~
in truth, in love, and in light


"for those who know me,
love me,
and call me friend"

~ Linda Harnett ~


You might find something written here,
If you care to have a look,
For when it comes to love and life,
Well, I could write a book!




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