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And There's More!

And there's more, there's always more,
Words floating inside my head!
I mean to say, I've got much inspiration,
Cos at the end of the day, I should be dead!
So you see I have a lot to write about,
Cos I just love to have a laugh!
So when you hear of this mad woman poet!
I bet my azz her name is 'Cath!'

And as you read my words of plenty,
Please take a little advice from me!
That no matter what fate befalls you!
You're still living and breathing you see!
And at the end of the day I have to admit,
That no matter the problems or pain that I bear,
I will never wish my life away…
Because I really and truly care!

I care about my life and its ails,
Everything good and bad; I have to say;
That everything that's happened in my life,
Makes me who and what I am today!
So I don't regret the problems I bear,
Or the ones that have been surpassed,
For no matter what and no matter when,
I will always fight till my last!

For anything less than that is a sin,
And I wouldn't ever change who I am today,
For life and its journeys of plenty,
Have moulded and made me this way!
I am happy with my lot in life,
For this life of mine is filled with such fun,
And for every new day that I awake to;
It means that's another new day I have won!

And no matter what fate befalls me now,
No matter what's gone so wrong with me,
It's just another trial, another fight,
But winning is the only end result you'll see!
Because I will never give up, never concede,
And never, ever fail in my quest,
To see it through, do what I have to do!
And do it to my very best!!!

As only I can do!
And As I Do!!

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Have a great life, because life really is great!

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Be Happy


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