Through The Eyes Of A Poet...

Hi There!

Welcome To My World!

My Words Are My Life...

Here you will walk many a walk with me;
As I take you down many a road,
Herein you will find my strength,
Even when I am in stealth mode.

And as you read the tales I tell,
Remember one important thing in life!
Survival is in our own determination,
To overcome all sadness and strife!

My words are not of self pity!
Nor sympathy! No way is that true!
They are simply to let you know;
Inner-strength has to come from you!

My words are my life, my life's in my words;
Read them and tell me true...
If I can survive all that I have-
Then I say it, so the heck can you!!

Writing was once my life-line, now it is my joy!!

Many of you will walk some of the walks I walk;
I just hope it's the good shoes you wear!

I'm a world-wide published and performance poet! (Ex)
My first ever book published is called; 'Chasing Rainbows.'
Just a little 50 page book, but all mine!!

The sales of this book created £4,000 pounds!!!

I gave the money to a Marie Curie Cancer Care Hospice.
Its in Liverpool.
I am proud of that!

This isn't all about me and what I've done...
This is about the good in all of us...
Its about publicity for them!
It's about sharing, caring, loving, and giving.
That's what this is all about!

They named me; 'The Marie Curie Poet Of 1996'

I name them; 'Hidden Angels!'

People told me I was stupid to give all that money away!!
But you know what I say?

'Nah, I'm glad I did!!! And I'd do it all over again!'

Writing was my lifeline, to a point, it always will be I guess,
I got the book that I so wanted, they got that money that they so
needed and deserved! We all got what we really wanted!
And to me, that's what its all about!

I used to be a 'live performer' you know...
Going on live radio reading my stuff!

I had booking coming out of my ears!
I did public appearances! I was always in the newspapers!
Marie Curie had much needed publicity!!
I just happened to be in a position were I could help them!
Give them the publicity they need.

And yep, that money was all in with the 4,000 pounds.
Hey, I can't work miracles, not yet!! But I am trying!!

Being knackered does tend to stop one in one's tracks!!
Where before I could struggle on to do my performances;
As things got worse and I deteriorated more, I had to stop.
But, no matter the health that I bear, I bear it well!
And one thing you can ALWAYS be sure of is...

While I have breath in me, I will never stop writing!!!
Or smiling!

I'm blessed, God's always got my back.

I have over 4,000 poems published!
I also have 4 major books on world-wide sale.
Of which I am very proud!

Type in my name; Catherine Inglesby

The titles are;

1st 'Following My Dream'

2nd 'The Dream Goes On'

3rd 'The Trilogy Of Dreams',

'Through The Eyes Of A Poet'.

Check out,

In fact, all major book shops, on and off line!

Live and let live!
Smile and the world smiles back!
Hate, and you hate alone!

I've been writing for many years!
I love the power of words and the thoughts and feelings they invoke.

I am also published in over 80 books of anthologies...

My first publication was way back in the 70's...

Here you will peep into my life and the lives of others.
I write in the hope of giving others hope!
We all need strength and constitution to stay focused!


Have a great day!


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